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Welcome to the Website of

Dominis Noctis 

We are a casual Raidguild on EU-Ahn'Qiraj aiming for Cataclysm content,
we like to raid in an friendly environment without haste or pressure.
So that you are here anyway, please 
feel free to look around our Website and Forum.

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Progress and realm rank!

Rottenblade, Jan 30, 11 6:48 AM.

Chimareon down!

With Chimareon down, we can put ourselves at a nice 8/12! And as it is now, we're ranked 14th on the realm! We all hope to see the same level of dedication, that we've seen so far, and thanks to all!

Merry xmas

Degoth666, Dec 18, 10 11:17 AM.
Merry Xmas everyone =)

I hope you all have a nice festive season these days.
The first raid in Cata was kinda nice congratz to Earthrot´s new sword!
So lets get something down on the next =D

Also i am looking forward to the next year with you guys =)

Lich King down

Degoth666, Nov 25, 10 4:44 PM.
Lich King down on second Guildrun!

we finally beat him and thanks to Krakadu for spending his time for us =). Kill Video is in the movie section.

Have fun. Degoth


Dominis Noctis Website launches

Degoth666, Nov 11, 10 5:10 PM.

Just before the end of Azeroth, we got the time to build up an fresh Website =)

Now we are able to load up some funny pictures discuss things or even ask guildies for help via the help request button.

Hope you enjoy the new site and please give me some suggestions to impove everything.

so please register your accounts and characters and lets get started with Cataclysm.

Best regards


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